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If you're traveling to Ethiopia and would like to experience a deeper connection to the community, consider these volunteer opportunities!


Abebech Gobena
Abebech Gobena Charity is the largest orphanage in Ethiopia founded by Dr. Abebech Gobena. This foundation fulfills the needs of vulnerable and orphaned children to equip them with skills, knowledge and assertiveness in the society.  
FIDA (Friendship for Integrated Development Association) wishes to improve the living conditions for vulnerable children, adolescents, women and destitute families and marginalized groups in Ethiopia.
FIDA Ethiopia.jpg

List Your Organization

V365 is truly dedicated to exposing the U.S to the vast people, innovators, businesses and organizations across the entire continent of Africa, so if you are an African-owned business or NGO and would like to appear on our listing please get in touch!

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