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Abebech Gobena

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

With a population of approximately 100 million Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, of which nearly 30% are under the age of 30. On average, 20 children per month are abandoned and even more are left without parental care. Abebech Gobena Yehetsanat Kebekabena Limat Mahiber (AGOHELMA) undertakes to provide protection, housing, food, clothing, education, medical assistance and other basic necessities to those vulnerable children/youth and provides many other community based projects.

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Founder, Dr. Abebech Gobena was known as the "Mother Teresa of Africa". 

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The Story:

Founded in 1980

Passing through an area recently stricken by drought and famine, “There were so many of these hungry people sprawled all over, you could not even walk,” she said. That day she took a baby home who's mother died and by the end of that year she had 21 children living with her. 

The Impact: 

7K Children Enrolled

Abebech Gobena Charity is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious, non-governmental humanitarian development organization that has over 7,000 children enrolled in various programs to offer a wide range of parental support. 

The Need: 

Your Support

If you wish to sponsor or foster a child, donate or volunteer at the foundation on your next vacation or trip to Ethiopia please see below to directly get in touch with Abebech Gobena Charity. 


To Volunteer,
Get in Touch

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