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Welcome to my journey across the continent of Africa.

I did it! I traveled across Africa, visiting 13 countries over the course of one year! Volunteering one week in each country with local nonprofits, businesses and universities.

First stop was Gjenge Makers, in Narobi Kenya, who turns plastic into bricks.  Further East, I fed Gorillas in volcanos on a Trek in Rwanda.  
The memories I now have after a yearlong discovery of the continent of Africa are rich! 
On my IG my intention was to inspire, educate, create!

Look what I learned today!!



Was at the heart of every post.

Heart of my yearlong journey 

 Volunteering  One Week
in Each Country 

with NGO's,   Businesses 


Opportunities &

Gjenge Makers, Nairobi Kenya

Kenyan startup recycles plastic to make bricks that are stronger than concrete to create affordable building material and jobs for women and youth groups. 

azizi life.jpg
Azizi Life, Rwanda

NGO fair trade organization partners with Rwandan artisans to bring beautifully designed, hand crafted goods to the world.

gorilla trek rwanda.jpg
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda live in Volcanoes National Park which has over six volcanoes and there are only three countries on the Continent where you can see them. 

mest africa.jpg
MEST Africa, Accra, Ghana

Works with young aspiring and established African entrepreneurs,  providing skills, mindset, and experiences to build globally successful tech companies.

pic botswana.jpg
Orapa Diamond Mine, Botswana

Founded in 1969, Orapa Diamond Mine in Botswana, is the largest diamond mine in the world.

Malkerns Market Swaziland

Malkerns craft open air market offering candles, batik fabrics, and other beautiful crafts in Swaziland.

reycle 3.jpg
Recycle 1st - Cape Town

Recycle 1st collects recycling from doorsteps, sorts and delivers to recyclers, who process waste back into materials that can be used within the South African manufacturing industry

orphanage ethiopia.jpg
Abebech Gobena Orphanage and School, Ethiopia

AGOHELMA strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in Ethiopia

liberia 1.jpg
Teachers To The Nations

Liberia NGO that cultivates productive citizens with the training to use cognitive and analytical skills

Volunteer Morocco

NGO improves the self-sustainability of under privileged communities and their members by improving health care access

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