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TechLit Africa Mogotio, Kenya

Co-Founder of TechLit Africa, Nelly Cheboi and 2022 CNN Hero, built a school in her hometown community with over 300 school age children. TechLit Africa goes into existing schools to teach digital skills to empower students living in a community where there are no jobs to begin with.

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Your Donation

Join V365 to support TechLit Africa, a 501c3 charity, with a $50 one-time or a $50 recurring monthly donation. One computer costs $50 to ship to Kenya, that computer will be used by 20 school aged children every single week, for five years. 100% of your donations will support TechLit Africa. 

Support Kenyan Innovators

TechLit Africa’s goal is to provide students with enough digital skills so that upon graduation they would have gained enough skills to acquire remote jobs from any company in the world. 


TechLit Africa starts with 3rd graders, introducing them to computer basics, e.g. left click, right click and at Nelly Cheboi’s school 5th graders are building websites. She also has a warehouse located at her school where they refurbish computers.


Nelly has received computer donations from companies all over the world. Currently her greatest challenge is operation and computer shipping costs. TechLit Africa’s program is stainable, once computers arrive in the communities, they pay for the teachers and ongoing costs.

The Mission

V365 Media

In March of 2023 I volunteered with TechLit Africa to personally experience Nelly's mission and meet the students she has impacted.  Check out what I learned!

My interview with Nelly
Students at recess
In-class learning
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