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Sky Digitals Embakasi, Nairobi

Sky Digitals, Kenyan founder Bosco Somi provides internet access to users in a secure and convenient manner, an innovative company that aims to empower marginalized groups, disabled individuals, and youth, to achieve independence and establish self-employment by becoming a vendor and owning a device.

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Venida Discovers Africa 365 is asking for your support to fund three WIFI Portable Vending Machines for the Women only Umoja village in Samburu County. Each machine costs $550 USD or 69,850 KES. Your desired amount will support the cause. 100% of donations will go towards the building of three portable WIFI machines for the Women only Village. 

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The WIFI portable vending machine is the ultimate solution for secure internet access, where none exists. Featuring a robust box enclosure, advanced token system, and cutting-edge networking equipment, this machine delivers seamless connectivity without compromising privacy. With a simple coin or token insertion, users enjoy internet access for a set duration. Bosco prioritized security in his design, ensuring personal information is safeguarded. 



  • Secure Scalable Solution

  • Affordable

  • Remote Access

  • Reliable Internet

  • Promotes entrepreneurship

  • All in one self-service system

The Sky Digitals team strives each day to act with integrity; seek and embrace diversity; listen, educate, and learn; provide solutions; generate positive energy; and support their community.

V365 Media

The Mission

In March of 2023 I spent time with Founder, Bosco Somi, to get a full lesson on how his portable WiFi machine is making a difference.  Check out what I learned!

I'm demo'ing how to quickly gain WiFi access on a smart phone via the
Sky Digitals machine in just a few easy steps. 
Venida interviews Sky Digitals Founder, Bosco Somi, on how his machine connects people in villages to the globe. 
Sky Digitals promo reel highlighting features, benefits, connectivity and community impact.
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