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Seriana Foundation Kenya

Seriana stands for, “you are the foundation of society”.  Mwende Mbevi along with a few close friends are the founders of Seriana Foundation and they believe that every child deserves clean, safe, drinking water. Some women in Kenya walk over 40 miles one-way to fetch water down river, it's not clean and not safe, but they still drink it.

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Support Kenyan Innovators

Seriana Foundation is a registered NGO; join V365 in making a recurring monthly donation of any amount to help Mwende meet her goal and make clean water readily available for the people of Kenya. 

Donation Tiers:

  • $5 To plant a tree
  • $1,000 Builds a water tank for a family
  • $1,000 For community sensitizing and empowerment 
  • $30,000 To dig a well that will serve large communities
All donations will go directly to Seriana Foundation.
Please email Mwende directly to facilitate your donation.

Your Donation

Over 15,000 families would benefit from clean, safe, drinking water and it costs about $30,000 USD to sink a well. Right now Kenya is going through its worst drought in over 40 years but Mwende Mbevi’s dream is to have 500 wells sank in every county going through an extensive drought in Kenya.


Try to imagine a day when you open the faucet at home and not a drop of water comes out for days on end. Mwende’s dream is to supply water that is clean and safe, where children can play in it, families can plant trees, food, feed domestic animals and wild life benefits as well. 

“The water is here”, said Mwende who believes in abundance, “everything we need we already have. The globe is covered more by water than land and in Kenya, we have all the water that we need, we just need friends, people of good will, and partners who can come together, rallying with my team to provide this water”.  

The Mission

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