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Support African-Owned


Here's how you can get involved and support Africa's local businesses, organizations, schools, people and communities.

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Ahadi Reusable Pads

For many girls across Africa, getting their period means staying home from school. Your $10 donation will give girls sanitary supplies for up to 1yr.

Seriana Foundation

The Seriana Foundation believes that every child deserves clean, safe, drinking water. Some women in Kenya walk over 40 miles one-way to fetch water down river.

Sky Digitals

This portable WIFI vending machine provides internet access to users in a secure and convenient manner to provide support for small and medium businesses and promotes self-employment.

TechLit Africa

Tech Lit Africa goes into existing schools to teach digital skills to empower students living in a community where there are no jobs to begin with.

List Your Business

V365 is truly dedicated to exposing the U.S to the vast people, innovators, businesses and organizations across the entire continent of Africa, so if you are an African-owned business or NGO and would like to appear on our listing please get in touch!

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