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Gjenge Makers

Nairobi, Kenya

Gjenge is a community-oriented organization whose aim is to address the need for sustainable and affordable alternative construction materials in Kenya and the Continent. Their initial output is innovations derived from recycled plastics to produce plastic paving blocks, plastic paving tiles, and plastic manhole covers.

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Nzambi Matee, a 29 year old trained engineer schooled in biochemistry, founded Gjenge Makers to introduce new ways of converting waste into sustainable materials.

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The Story:

Founded in 2017

Inspired to launch this concept after routinely coming across plastic bags thrown along Nairobi’s streets, Nzambi then quit her job working as a data analyst and set up a small lab in her mother’s back yard. There, she began creating and testing pavers, which are a combination of plastic and sand. 

The Impact: 

500+ Bricks per day

Producing 500-1000 bricks per day, Gjenge Makers' bricks are used with paving stones applied in houses, schools and streets; the product is highly durable, reduces overhead costs and recycles close to 500 kilograms of plastic waste a day.

The Need: 

Your Support

Gjenge Makers have recycled 20 metric tons of plastic waste and are aiming to triple that number yearly. If you would like to visit the Gjenge Makers facility to volunteer or if you'd like to donate or partner with Nzambi's vision please get in touch below. 

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