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Located in West Africa, the country is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. There are over 50 different ethnic groups in Ghana, each with their own customs and languages, but the country is harmonious and peaceful. Ghanaian’s love soccer and built a large soccer stadium in the capital of Accra. Ghana means "strong warrior king" also known for its large gold usage and hence was named the Land of Gold. In  June 2021, Ghana inaugurated Green Ghana Day planting 5 million trees in a concentrated effort to preserve the country's cover of rainforest to combat deforestation.

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Volunteering in Ghana

MEST Africa

Works with young aspiring and established African entrepreneurs, providing skills, mindset, and experiences to build globally successful tech companies

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New Birth Ghana Mission

From Vaction Bible School, health fairs to movie nights. New Birth Missionary Baptist in Atlanta, GA is making a difference in Ghana

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Experiencing Ghana

Beautiful places to visit and experience in Ghana

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