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TechLit Africa


TechLit Africa, shorthand for Technologically Literature Africa, teaches computer classes in rural African primary schools. Their goal is to equip primary school students with digital skills that unlock global opportunities. Founder Nelly Cheboi (known as Kosi) and Co-Founder Tyler Cinnamon address issues they've seen in Kenyan computer classes by going into existing schools to teach digital skills, supplying gently used or donated computers to classrooms, employing local youth and even building their own school!

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TechLit Africa Founder, Nelly Cheboi (or Kosi) and Co-Founder, Tyler Cinnamon.

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The Story:

Founded in 2018

TechLit Africa was founded by two software engineers from opposite backgrounds. Their backgrounds in technology and corporate America inspired them to put used computers to work teaching digital skills.

The Impact: 

300 Skilled Kids
and Creating Jobs

Bridging the digital divide, TechLit Africa is collaborating with rural schools to introduce digital skills to students as young as third grade. Inspired by the success of Zawadi Yeti, the first Techlit Africa school, where sixth graders are building websites. Partnering with twelve additional schools, TechLit Africa  is creating jobs and repurposing outdated computers.

The Need: 

Your Support

One computer costs $50 to ship to Africa, that computer will be used by 20 school aged children every single week, for five years.  If you wish to ship or supply computers, donate, volunteer or learn more ways to support TechLit Africa see below.

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