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The 4th largest island in the world, found in Indian Ocean on eastern part of the African continent. Home to more than 50% of worlds Chameleons population. The Baobab Tree, one of the oldest trees in the world is over 2500 years old. Madagascar is one of the best countries to live on the African continent due to its protection of human rights. children, sexuality, and religion. There is so much to do in Madagascar; hiking, diving, climbing, biking, off-road driving, national parks, and secluded beaches.

baobab tree - madagascar.jpg

Volunteering in Madagascar

Vanilla Bean Farm

Over 70% of Malagasy people are farmers, and food security is a constant challenge. Rice is the most important food crop.  Most of the world’s best quality vanilla comes from Madagascar. 

vanilla bean farm - madagascar.jpg

Experiencing Madagascar

Beautiful places to visit and experience in Madagascar

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